3 Basics Web Design You Need To Get Here

Does the appearance of your website discourage customers and customers from engaging with your product or service? If you suffer from high dropout rates or a low number of online subscribers, your web design may need some improvements. To help you diagnose problems with your website, this blog post will focus on good website design and will focus on the three basic web design basics you need to do the right thing.

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1. Provide a clear visual hierarchy

When several design elements compete for attention, it may not be clear what website visitors should focus on. It also makes it unclear what the most important information is on the website. In other words, without a clear visual hierarchy in the design and content of your website, your website visitors can miss something really important .

2. Tell visitors why they should trust you

This is important information that needs to be conveyed in both the design and content of the website. The easiest way to get someone to trust you as a company is to use social proof. What is this? This is things like unbiased feedback from previous customers – especially if you add a name and photo for extra credibility – and a logo from the company you've worked for or some of the awards you've won.

3. Use a Clear Call to Action

A call to action is marketing jargon for "tell your customers what to do next." Your target market may not be clear about what the next steps are for them to use your service or buy your product. After all, they don't know the inside of your business as well as you. Make the buying process easier for your customers.

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