Dyslexia Testing – Best Time For A Dyslexia Test?

Those of us that have gone through dyslexia testing and found that we suffer from dyslexia often wonder how or why it takes so long for some people to be tested for dyslexia.

Regrettably, some people experiencing dyslexia don't understand it until their adults. It's more challenging to repair grammar and reading problems when dyslexia is found later in life, ages 9-19 as well as elderly.  It is estimated that between 5% and 15% of all people in North America have early signs of dyslexia

The real key to reducing the damage brought on by dyslexia is engaging in a dyslexia test so you understand what you are managing.

The issue is that almost all public schools are regrettably loath to provide a kid a dyslexia evaluation prior to the third tier and even occasionally motivate kids to wait and see whether their kid simply" outgrows" the symptoms they are showing.

The end result is a tide of young adult or mature Dyslexia endures that do not participate in a Dyslexia evaluation till they're in their twenties.

Common dyslexia symptoms may include (but Aren't Limited to):

  • Learning How to read or describe 

  • Missing words when studying 

  • Issue reading 

  • Skipping lines when studying 

  • Issue copying from your composing 

  • Confused when subsequent directions 

  • Issue counting backward from 100 down to 0

The sooner you are able to understand symptoms of dyslexia and receive your relative in to get a dyslexia evaluation, the better.  You might just be saving that individual some significant problem later in their own lives.  


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