What Are The Effects Of The Lipton Green Tea?

Camellia sinensis is used to make Lipton green tea. Different types of tea are made from the dried leaves and buds of Camellia sinensis. These leaves are boiled and then pan-fried to make green tea. After drying, they can be used to make other types of teas. To improve mental alertness, Lipton green tea can be taken by mouth.

Lipton green chai can be taken by mouth to help prevent many cancers such as prostate cancer, colon cancers, gastric cancers, lung cancers, liver cancers, solid tumor cancers, leukemias, skin cancers related to sun exposure, and others. 

Green tea is used by some women to combat human papillomavirus (HPV), which can cause abnormal cell growth in the cervix (cervical dysplasia), or cervical cancer. You can also drink green tea to treat Parkinson's disease, blood vessel diseases, heart disease, kidney stones, diabetes, and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Some people prefer to drink green tea instead of green tea. They apply green tea bags on their skin to reduce sunburn and prevent sun-induced skin cancer. The green tea bags can also be used to reduce puffiness under the eye, to prevent gum bleeding after a tooth has been pulled, or as a compress for tired eyes and headaches. 

Green tea is often drunk as a gargle to avoid flu and cold symptoms. To reduce the pain following tooth extraction, mouthwash can also be made with green tea extract. Gum disease is treated with green tea in candy form. An ointment to treat warts is made from Lipton green tea.


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