Things You Have To Avoid Doing after Undergoing A Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

Toothpaste, gel, and mouthwash, which promise whiter teeth with regular use, are less expensive. However, this does not apply to professional or office teeth whitening procedures. These teeth whitening procedures, which are performed by qualified dentists, can cost hundreds of dollars. You can consider Fdgwest for professional teeth whitening treatment.

Brush your teeth firmly. This is a practice that should be avoided even if you have never whitened your teeth before. Excessive brushing is unproductive for the next 48 hours after treatment because your teeth are sensitive. In addition, brushing your teeth too hard can scratch the surface of the tooth, making it prone to scarring, which can then lead to cavities on the surface.

Smoking. Tobacco is one of the main enemies of your health and teeth. Smoking can easily stain your sensitive teeth. If smoking is your bad trait, it may be the main reason you stain your teeth and why you should have internal whitening treatments. To get better oral health, quit smoking as soon as possible.

Drink straight from bottles and glasses. Leading cosmetic dentists instruct teeth whitening patients not to drink straight from a bottle or jar for the next 24 to 48 hours. This is because direct contact with hot or cold drinks increases tooth sensitivity and also stains freshly processed pearl whites.

Eat and drink highly pigmented foods and drinks. After whitening your teeth, avoid consuming beets, chocolate, red wine, coffee, black tea, and foods containing artificial coloring, especially for the next 48 hours after treatment. These products only render dental procedures unusable. Instead of these foods, eat more foods that have a tooth brushing effect, such as leafy vegetables.

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