The Fundamentals of Roof Curbs

Rooftop curbs


These frames are made of raised metal and can be used to mount structures to your roof securely. These frames can be used to attach accessories above or below the roof.

An accessory can be attached to a roof curb that is properly installed. They also can be clad with flashing to prevent unwanted water damage from seepage through the roof’s membrane. To get more details about roof curbs, you can hop over to this site 

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What are some uses for rooftop curbs?


Hatches are a way to access the roof. Roof hatches integrate with roof curbs, rooftop walkway system, and various OSHA-compliant ladders.

Skylights & smoke vents

Skylights, smoke vents, and combination assemblies let both light in and harmful gases out. Regardless of the model, a roof curb is used to mount the assembly so that it sits securely and the hole through the roof is protected.

Exhaust fans

Roof ventilator assemblies need to push air from ducts inside the building through your roof’s membrane into the open air. To mount up-blast fans, an all-welded curb cap fits over an appropriately sized roof curb.

HVAC units

Condensing units for HVAC systems need to sit above the roof on secure and level platforms. Roof curbs are the foundation of condensing support units that provide a stable base to secure your equipment and protect your investment.

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