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Will you win your business from customers or other business referrals? There are very few who don't want to.

There are some very affordable and effective ways to make use of referrals. First, let's describe some situations where using referrals makes money, and then you can apply your business model to examples.

Hair Stylist – The stylist in the salon wants to take advantage of a satisfied customer. Give referral cards to existing customers to give to friends and family.

However, if you are in the medical field then printed referral pads, forms & sheets can be customized to suit your specific need to promote and increase awareness of your practice with referring doctors on a daily basis.

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For each card returned, offer a discount on your next service, free service, or whatever fits your budget. The key is getting and giving cards to friends and family.

Eyewear Shop – An eyewear shop that sells frames and lenses is looking for ways to grow its business. Find a pad with a recommended card and send it to an ophthalmologist who does eye exams but doesn't sell glasses.

Set some type of payment or another form of compensation for each referral purchased from your workplace. This is a very effective and easy way to grow your business.

Now that we come to the referral card itself, we recommend our customers use a standard notebook with glue on it.

Instead of lines or spaces for writing notes, business information is printed in notebooks, including business addresses, logos, phone numbers, offers, and more. Each card has space for people to sign their name so you know who should benefit from a referral.

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