LastRound – Environment-Friendly Reusable Cotton Round

LastRound's reusable cotton rounds are a great alternative to buying multiple cotton rounds. They look and feel the same but are better for the environment. Although it may seem like a lot, each case contains seven reusable cotton rounds. However, you will be amazed to learn that one pack can actually last for 1,000 uses.

Recyclable cotton rolls are designed to feel soft on the skin. It's not as hardy as regular cotton rounds you can buy at supermarkets, but it's more sustainable, cheaper, lasts longer, and easier to take with you when you go. LastRound is made entirely from renewable raw materials, unlike other cotton rounds that are made mostly of non-organic cotton. 

7-Pack Reusable Cotton Pads Glow Recipe

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Reusable cotton rounds are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use cotton balls and cotton rounds. Single-use cotton balls and rounds can be used once, then thrown away. Reusable cotton rounds are made to be washed and dried again. These rounds can be used to apply toner, remove make-up, and even to remove nail polish.

Organic Bamboo Rounds:

These rounds are inexpensive, soft, durable, and great for basic tasks like removing makeup or cleansing with micellar oil. Two layers of 100% organic bamboo cotton fibers are used to make the rounds. They will maintain their shape and texture even after they have been washed and dried. The pads can be disposed of in a compost container once they are used up.

Value Pack of Rounds with Different Textures on Each Side:

These cotton rounds are an incredible value considering their price and double-layered, one-in-one design. The best part about them is that they can be machine washed, dry-safe, and come with a zippered laundry bag.

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