Laser Skin Tightening Treatment

This non-surgical procedure is now available to anyone who wants youthful skin. Laser skin tightening uses infrared lighting to heat up collagen and contract it. The process also results in a rise in the number of new skin cells that replace damaged ones. You can also opt for the skin tightening treatment via

Laser skin tightening is similar to laser hair removal. The laser light applies a strong, throbbing beam light to the area to be treated. The light penetrates all layers of the skin. The skin's water content is heated by the light waves, creating a uniform heating effect. This causes the collagen fibers to become tighter as fibroblasts make new collagen.

Laser skin tightening would be beneficial to anyone?

Skin can loosen and sag due to many factors, including aging, pregnancies, sudden or severe weight loss, as well as aging.

Laser treatment can be used for those with sagging skin who are afraid about surgery. In less time, lines and sagging can be reduced.


The laser skin tightening procedure takes between 30 and 60 minutes. If the treatment involves large areas such as the neck or abdomen, it may take longer.

You will receive protection from the sun and cooling gel for your skin. Although you will feel some warmth, there is no need to anesthetize.

Infra-red pulses will be directed at specific areas on your body or face. The laser emits energy that the skin absorbs. This causes collagen to contract, and thus, tighten. Cooling technology ensures that the skin remains cool. You can resume your normal life immediately after the treatment.

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