Inflatable Trampolines – The Ultimate Party Supply

Inflatable trampolines are fun and practical. Imagine how many people will enjoy your next party with an inflatable trampoline. They are easy to rent, quick to put up and takedown, and most importantly, they are great fun for everyone. You can feel like a child again.

Renting an inflatable trampoline is a great idea. It is simple to rent 'inflatables for events'( also known as ‘hinchables para eventos’ in the Spanish language). This can be a great entertainment option for your next event.

 Rent inflatable trampoline

Your first stop should be at a party rental store or sports store. They provide them with many company picnics and birthday parties every week. It is important to give yourself enough time so that you have the rental item on the date you need it. You don't want to wait until the last minute, otherwise, you may not find what you're looking for.

How to set up an inflatable trampoline?

Find a flat, level spot on the grass or other smooth ground. Do not place the trampoline on concrete. This will increase injury risk and make it less fun. Then, place it on a flat surface and smoothen the top.

A majority of pumps come with an air fill, so make sure you have this when you rent one. Simply connect the pump to your computer and plug it in. Set up your party. The inflatable trampoline should be ready within 3 hours. Sometimes it may take less. You might want to set it up the night prior. You can take it down by simply inverting the process. You can also hire a company to set up.

Inflatable trampolines are a great way to make sure everyone has a good experience.

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