How Your Business Can Benefit From Whiteboard Animation

What's whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation videos are animated films that are created in front of the viewer. It is one of the explainer videos. A whiteboard animation film recipient sees the subsequent images and engages with a narrator to tell a story. It can be about new products, methods of implementation, or even more mundane topics like manuals.

A whiteboard animation video is memorable because of its script's construction, acting by the narrator, and drawings. Whiteboard animation, also known as "video scribe", is a popular tool in internal and marketing communications. This explainer video grabs viewers' attention immediately.

There are main reasons why they are so popular

Reason 1

Whiteboard animation keeps the viewer's eye on

Many stimuli are competing for clients' attention today. The majority of people can only process 7 +/- 2 information units at once. This means that the more stimuli we receive, the less we understand them or the less we process them. Whiteboards allow simple images to be displayed one at a time without overwhelming the recipient's attention. 

Reason 2

Whiteboard animation increases memorization

How can whiteboard films positively impact fact memorization skills? A professor conducted a study where he showed 1,000 people two types of films. One of the films featured information presented as a "talking head". In the second one, he used a voice-over whiteboard animation.

It was found that most participants prefer to watch animated films and are more likely to share them with their friends. It was particularly interesting to note that whiteboard animation viewers retained 15% more information than those who viewed a standard video. 

Reason 3

Whiteboard animation makes viewers laugh

Humoristic presentation is important because the human brain functions more efficiently when it's in a positive mood. It is then that the brain is encouraged to tackle scientific and creative challenges. An animated film can be more engaging than a PowerPoint presentation, or a single text in a PDF. This allows us to bring people who wouldn't normally read a lengthy article or an offer into our story.

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