How To Get Perfect Jawline On Your Face In Singapore?

Prolonged inactivity leads to massive muscle contractions that create a "softer" jawline and firmer facial contours. Results are visible after about a week and peak between three and six. The "magic cure" is not a permanent solution and will go away in about four to six months.

Patients with protruding muscles tend to have muscle activity that resumes earlier than others. You can choose botox for jaw contraction to get perfect jawline.

Unlike most dermal injections such as Restylane and Juvederm, which have been reported to cause higher levels of discomfort due to the use of thicker products, Botox injections are microneedle injected and feel just like regular injections. 

A new botox injection is then required to maintain the sculpted jawline. Your doctor may give you injections according to a specific protocol. The second injection is scheduled to arrive six months later, one month after the first and third injection, or it can be repeated twice a year.

The main criterion in deciding whether you are a suitable candidate for this procedure is your muscle size. Try clenching your molars and moving your fingers to the outer corners of your jaw – strong massage muscles will add volume and feel almost tight.

Botox is ineffective on significant adipose tissue and bone structure. To treat excess facial fat or large jawbones, surgery to reduce the lipodissolve angle or lower jaw is a more suitable and desirable solution for you.

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