Eye Injury Lawyer talks about Eye Injuries

People sometimes ignore changes in their vision, hoping they will go away. Flashing lights, an avalanche of new floaters, a cobweb at the edge of the visual field seem like minor annoyances, but can be signs of serious problems that can lead to permanent vision loss.

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If you have double vision, vision loss, eye pain, colored circles around the lights, new dots, threads, shadows in front of the eyes, the bulge of the eyes or swelling of the eye tissue, it has suddenly passed. to be taken.

There are clear warning signs of possible serious eye injury. These include tears in the outer walls, bleeding outside or inside the eye, reduced vision, or a foreign body lodged in the eye. You should not try to remove a foreign body lodged in the eye without professional help. The possibility of more damage is good.

Immediate first aid after some of these types of injuries can greatly increase the chance of preserving sight. The first step would be to put a protective covering over the eye to prevent further damage. Then seek emergency care whenever possible.

Drain and oven cleaners or other concentrated caustics or acid compounds are especially dangerous. You should immediately rinse with tap water or any liquid for half an hour, then rush to the nearest emergency center. Rinse until you call the hospital. Do not try to neutralize the compound.

People rarely think of seeking treatment for a dark eye. If you've had a fight or have been punched in the eye, even if it doesn't look so terrible and you have iced it, then you need to see a doctor. The bone around the eye may have fractured or other cells and nerves may have been dislocated due to force.

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