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We'll take a quick look at Batman, one of the longest-running and most popular comics of all time. In May 1939, Batman was introduced to comics for the first time. He wasn't even in his comic. Detective Comics Issue 27 featured it. Batman was a superhero without superpowers, which was something very unique in his day and still today. He couldn't fly like Superman, run fast like Flash, or be strong like Hulk. He was a flesh and blood crime-fighter who wanted to eradicate the vermin that caused the death of his parents.

Batman, unlike other superheroes, was also a dark character with many of his demons that he had difficulty controlling. It was difficult to control his anger and prevent it from being too much. He came close to crossing the line between good and evil many times. You can also buy a batman comic book(also known as bande dessine batman in the French language)via many online sources.

Slings & Arrows

Batman is Bruce Wayne, a millionaire  Bruce Wayne. His secret identity as Batman was only discovered by Alfred, his trusted butler. Due to the nature of the crime, he decided to model his crime-fighting costume after a bat. He wanted to make criminals laugh and fear.

Batman's first and most detailed origin story was only revealed in Detective Comics Issue 47, June 2007. As with many comic book heroes, his actual origins changed over the years. However, his basic character traits have remained the same over the years.

Batman possessed a variety of gadgets that were very popular and well known over the years, like his tool belt, which he can do just about anything except make scrambled eggs. He also had the batmobile, bat copter, bicycle, bat plane, and even a bat boat. In some way, shape, or form, all of these vehicles resembled a bat.

Robin the Boy Wonder was Batman's sidekick until April 1940. Robin was a popular character, especially among teenagers. He was relatable with children and was a much more beloved character than Batman.

Batman fought many criminals over the years. The Riddler and The Joker were just some of the best known. Freeze. At first, each issue featured a different enemy for Batman to face. There was an exception to this rule: Catwoman tried to impress Batman with her feminine charms. Batman was never tempted by Catwoman, even though she tried to impress him at times.


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